Michael The Human
Name Michael The Human
Sex Male
Age 14
Species Human
Occupation Wizard/Adventurer

Michael (AKA Michael The Human) is a fictional character and it to be Finn's Supposed brother. He favours using Magic and Ranged weaponry.


He is discovered when he was once fighting a dragon. Finn and Jake see the attack and run towards it. On arrival, Finn becomes astonished and hides behind some tall grass spectation the battle. Jake does the same. After the battle ends, Michael hears some rustling in the grass so creates a power sword in his hand. He slowly walks towards the grass before Finn jumps out. Michael recognises him and tells Finn his past. Michael was about to reliel their familly surname when the episode ends.


He is a year younger then Finn. His birthday is the 9th of May.


  • He is younger than Finn
  • He is smarter but less skillful
  • He learned all his spells from a curse that was put on him as toddler
  • He is to be the first Human-like character to not be in the Aryan race (Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes)
  • He is the second confirmed Human
  • He is shorter than Finn